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– A cosa serve un’agenzia immobiliare?
– A niente.
Poi ti imbatti nell’agenzia “Polidori” di Juliane Deppe e tutto cambia.
Cercare la casa giusta è intraprendere quel viaggio che ha origine dentro di te, che si nutre dei tuoi sogni e aspettative, e come ogni vera avventura può nascondere insidie; è indispensabile quindi affidarsi ad una guida giusta. Juliane per me lo è stata: ha capito quale fosse la casa giusta per me prima lo capissi io stessa!
Mi ha presa per mano dal primo momento, con una professionalità fatta di precisione, attenzione, cura del dettaglio e tanta competenza.
L’acquisto della mia casa è stata un’esperienza appagante, senza stress né paure. Senza Juliane non sarebbe stato mai lo stesso.
Francesca Tafuri (Roma), Montasola, settembre 2020.


We have to thank Juliane so much for her enormous help in selling our property in Italy.
We were in a difficult situation as we had moved back to the UK and wasn’t there hands on to sort a lot of things out ourselves.
Juliane , you were amazing!
You made our process of selling our lovely home so much easier.
I cannot thank you enough… I would highly recommend this Agency .
Grazie Mille,
Sallie E. Wale (Inghilterra), Cottanello, agosto 2020.


I would like to thank Juliane Deppe very much for all her hard work and help she gave us in selling our house. She went above and beyond to make sure it went smoothly. I would highly recommend this agency, and cannot thank Juliane enough. She definitely went the extra mile!
Brendon P. Collins (Inghilterra), Cottanello, agosto 2020.


We are retired medical professionals. As Italian Americans it was our hope to spend our retirement years in the Italian countryside. It was our great fortune to meet Juliane Deppe. Her experience and expertise smoothed the way for us and we are grateful for the effort she put in to finding us the perfect home. Julianne is a delight. We always felt she was completely honest with us. Her knowledge of the process for purchasing a home in Italy is exceptional. Attention to details, experience with building regulations and financial institutions are some of her many assets. In addition her multilingual skills are excellent and proved essential to us in the purchase process. If you are looking for an honest, friendly, knowledgeable and hard working person to work with in the search for your dream home, we highly recommend Juliane. Polidori Immobiliare agency is the best choice for your home buying needs.
Dennis and Susan Puorro (Stati Uniti d’America), Poggio Catino, maggio 2020.


We wanted to buy a house in Italy, but where to start? Luckily for us we met Juliane Deppe from the Real Estate Agency Polidori Immobiliare. She helped us with finding our house. To buy a house abroad is not an easy thing to do but Juliane also helped us with the problems we encountered like the bank, code fiscale, cadastral things, negotiations etc. Juliane talks English, German and Italian: that made it for us easier to understand the Italian requests of papers. She gave us a good indication about the costs beside the price of the house. We were very lucky to meet Juliane. She made it possible to us to buy our dreamhouse. Without her we could never have managed to buy a house in Italy.

Marc Loos and Monique Sleven (Paesi Bassi), Calvi dell’Umbria, gennaio 2020.

In August 2019, we were invited by a friend to visit him in Casperia, a place we had never been to. Our stay was quite short, only a few days but we immediately fell in love with this beautiful place, the amazing nature and scenery all around. During one of our conversations, we mentioned we had been dreaming for a while about buying a property and this is the moment where we met Juliane Deppe.
Juliane came to meet us, explained the way she worked, she made us visited a few properties but most of all, she transmitted her passion for the region and true dedication to finding the right place for her clients.
She spoke to us about a place in Toffia, a nest in the rocks as she stated herself, we went to visit it and shortly after, the project was born. ☺️
Immediate trust, strong professionalism, amazing communication, kindness, understanding and inspiration are the words I would use to describe how we worked with Juliane during the last two months.
Today, a new adventure begins for us and we would like to express our deepest gratitude to Juliane who made it happen! ☀️⭐️🌷

Catherine Grauwels & Laurent Van Drielen (Belgio), Toffia, ottobre 2019.
Precisione e professionalità, cortesia e disponibilità contraddistinguono il lavoro di Juliane. Viviamo in Irlanda e, grazie alla sua grande dote di intermediazione, abbiamo potuto vendere la nostra casa in Italia ad un acquirente che risiede in Germania. Grazie ancora di tutto!

Precision and professionalism, courtesy and helpfulness distinguish Juliane’s work. We live in Ireland and, thanks to her huge brokerage skill, we have been able to sell our house in Italy to a buyer who lives in Germany. Thanks again for everything!

Carla Brunetti e Carlo Cristini (Irlanda), Gavignano Sabino, luglio 2019.

Un’ottima esperienza, ci siamo trovati subito a nostro agio con la professionalità di Juliane, che ha organizzato tutto velocemante e al meglio (sia noi acquirenti che i venditori entrambi residenti all`estero). L`Immobiliare Polidori di Juliane Deppe è senza dubbio un`agenzia da consigliare!
Luigi e Ulla Merletti (Germania), Gavignano Sabino, luglio 2019.

Disponibilità e competenza che vanno perfino oltre la grandissima professionalità, una garanzia sia per vendere che per acquistare. Grazie Juliane!
Alessia Mattina, Roccantica, maggio 2019.

Mi sono trovata benissimo sia dal punto di vista umano che personale. È stata una bella esperienza.
Patrizia Zanelli, Casperia, giugno 2019.

Juliane Deppe is truly a fantastic realtor. In December of last year my twin boys and I started our search for an Italian property. We didn’t exactly know what type of property would meet all of our requirements but when we met Juliane, I knew immediately that we were working with a true professional and that she would bring us to properties that were special and that could fulfill a long list of requirements.
She speaks English, German and Italian perfectly, she has a passion for the job and is able to understand very quickly what her clients would be happy with. We were able to get to a short list of options, amazingly within about a week. From the very beginning of the process through to closing Juliane has been patient, professional and has shown great skill throughout the entire deal.
I was not able to get back to Italy until just before closing and my business partner was not able to come to the closing at all. This meant that Juliane would need to handle a long list of complex aspects of the deal, much more so then if we were both local..she did so always in a positive and supportive way..this deal needed some special capabilities and she most certainly came through!!
When it came time for me to come back to Italy, everything was ready and we closed within a few days without stress or complications.
At this point most realtors would take their commission and wish you good luck. Juliane on the other hand made sure that my transition was a smooth one. This included introducing me to a number of people in the area so that I was able to establish friendships quickly, setting up a lunch with local expats to fill me in on the steps involved with getting resident status,
making sure that I had what I needed at the property so that I had a restful time starting from the first night. Juliane also gave me the gift of her absolutely delicious homemade marmalade, both orange and lemon and also her wonderful lemonchello liquor which I am still enjoying in small amounts.
So in conclusion I can say without reservation that Juliane is absolutely amazing and that you will be in good hands,with an honest hard working congenial realtor if you choose to work with her.
Kai Amede Ephron (USA/Great Britain), Casperia, maggio 2019.

Juliane has been able to find the right house for us. In addition, she is punctual, reliable and helps you with all questions.
Even after signing the purchase agreement she remains involved. We can recommend Juliane to anyone looking for a house in Sabina.
Thijs Fransen e Adriana Margaretha Henrietta Van den Anker (Holland), Montebuono, novembre 2018.


Working with Juliane was a pleasure and things were made very clear, demystified. Contrary to the usual stories of buying in Italy being arduous, the process was simple and Juliane made sure I was informed and updated throughout the transaction. Very happy with my purchase, the location and I’m glad to have been working with someone so helpful and friendly.
Shaun McDowell (England), Torri in Sabina, luglio 2018.

Juliane, we have decided against the property but greatly appreciate your time and sharing this wonderful city with us. Should we pursue a purchase in the future we will first give you a call. Thank you again. Dena W., december 2018.

A true professional, available dedicated Agent, that followed our deal from day one until closing day with great care and consistency – definitely it was a very smooth experience thanks to Mrs Deppe.
Daniele Oliveti e Asmaa Elsaeed Rageh (Germany), Selci, giugno 2018.


I had the pleasure of meeting Juliane one warm summer day in July 2018 when a friend and I were looking for a house. I was immediately impressed by her patience, her knowledge, and her professionalism and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as an excellent, multilingual real estate agent who truly cares for her clients and the properties listed with her agency. A great experience!
Michael Aliprandi (United States/Rome), luglio 2018.


Juliane si distingue per la grande professionalità, cortesia e disponibilità nella risoluzione delle varie problematiche che chi è alla ricerca della casa giusta si trova ad affrontare. Comprende subito il gusto, i desideri e le esigenze dei clienti e propone sempre case particolari rispetto a quanto offre il mercato.
Stefania de Stefano, Montebuono, aprile 2018.


Voglio ringraziare il Signore Claudio e la Signora Juliane per la loro professionalità.
Eravamo in Francia e gli acquirenti in Germania, e l’agenzia ci ha aiutati affinché tutto accade bene.
Le foto fatte da un fotografo erano bellissime e hanno valorizzato la nostra casa. La descrizione era bene scelta.
Abbiamo avuto una grande soddisfazione con il Signore Claudio e la Signora Juliane.
Grazie per tutto.

Marylène Onelli, (Francia), Montasola, febbraio 2018.


Hi Juliane, thank you so much for showing us different houses. We had a very easy communication and we were in good hands with you as a really helpful and really professional real estate agent.

Helle Jorgensen and Jens Aaberg (Danimarca), Copenhagen, January 2018


Hallo Juliane, danke für die Besichtigung! Es hat mir gut gefallen und entsprach meiner Vorstellung: am besten fand ich, dass du dir viel Mühe gegeben hast und alles ausführlich zeigtest! Macht weiter so und viel Erfolg.
Julia Klassen (Germania), ottobre 2017.


Ho venduto la mia casa! Una specie di miracolo avvenuto grazie alla vostra professionalità, precisione e disponibilità che mi hanno accompagnato fino al rogito e oltre. Mi sono sentita ascoltata e ben consigliata in una sinergia che ha inglobato anche il compratore. Soddisfatta appieno. Grazie!
Valeria Prantera, Cottanello, settembre 2017.

Volevo segnalare a tutti quest’agenzia, mi sono sentito subito a casa… e che casa!
Rocco Giordano, Forano, gennaio 2017.


Comprare una casa è un’esperienza. La mia è stata un’esperienza speciale non solo perché ho trovato una casetta da sogno che rispondesse esattamente a ciò che desideravo ma anche e soprattutto perché l’agenzia Polidori nelle belle persone di Claudio e Juliane si sono comportati da veri professionisti. Ma basta vedere il loro sito per rendersi conto della serietà con cui lavorano: informazioni precise, foto artistiche fatte da una fotografa professionista (che sono un piacere per gli occhi soprattutto visto cosa gira su internet). Non hanno proposte banali e ogni abitazione ha una storia. Hanno sempre avuto pazienza biblica quando li assillavo con mille dubbi e domande, mi hanno accompagnato in ripetute occasioni per vedere e rivedere proprietà che erano interessanti. Hanno “spulciato” tutte le carte necessarie per essere sicuri che la casetta scelta fosse a posto sotto ogni punto di vista. Si avvalgono di un notaio a cinque stelle. Anche adesso che la vendita è andata a buon fine mi stanno aiutando a trovare localmente fabbri, falegnami e artigiani del posto per abbellire la mia dimora! Sono quindi orgogliosa di dire che da una vendita ne sono nate due belle amicizie che custodirò gelosamente.
Tengo anche a sottolineare che ho comprato una casuccia bellissima nel Reatino. E l’ho comprata tra un terremoto e l’altro. Perché questa è una zona molto vasta e certe aree hanno sentito le scosse molto meno di quanto le abbiamo sentite a Roma. Mi sento quindi di rassicurare chiunque voglia fare questa meravigliosa esperienza di acquisto con questa agenzia. Fidatevi di Claudio e Juliane, vi sapranno sempre consigliare per il meglio. Troverete casa e due nuovi amici.
Lara Fulli, Cottanello, Novembre 2016.


Polidori Immobiliare made our dream come true – we couldn’t have done it without Juliane and Claudio!
For a long time we had meticulously planned a trip to Italy to view a number of houses for sale. At the last minute we came across a couple of properties that just took us by storm, and so we reached out to Polidori Immobiliare. A few weeks later we were met at the train station by a smiling, very helpful and multilingual agent, who made room for us and our luggage in her car and sacrificed a whole day to show us some charming houses and the beautiful area surrounding them. Immediately we fell in love with one of the palazzettos, and with her description of life in the Sabina. We quickly decided to buy the property. Right away.
Norwegians are not comfortable with the Italian pace, and Italians are not used to northern impatience. Miraculously Juliane and Claudio managed to make our purchase happen in just weeks, taking care of any necessary documentation and convincing skeptical parties of the wonders of online banking.
After the final transactions Claudio and Juliane put us in touch with a reliable contractor, and also were extremely helpful with all the paperwork and contact with the gas company, commune and electric company. Their handling of the whole process was comforting and reassuring, all the way. We will definitely recommend Polidori to anyone who wants to buy or even rent a house in the area!”
Sarah & Jan-Erik Launy (Norway), Collevecchio, March 2015


“More than just an Estate Agent. Throughout the whole process of buying our house in Poggio Cantino, Polidori Immobiliare provided really good advice, they considered our requirements and were always very helpful, making sure things happened as we wanted.
After the purchase Claudio & Juliane were instrumental assisting us at the Commune to switch over the electric supply, telephone etc.
If you are considering purchasing or renting in Sabina then we highly recommend using the personal service provided by Polidori Immobiliare.”
Mark and Valerie Freeman (England), Poggio Catino, June 2015


Man kann Claudio Polidori und Juliane Deppe völlig vertrauen, wenn man sich auf das Wagnis eines Hauskaufs in Italien einlässt!
Wir haben sie noch zusätzlich engagiert, damit unser Traum vom Leben in Italien wahr wird, denn der eigentliche Makler einer anderen Agentur hat uns mit den vielen für uns unbekannten Abläufen allein gelassen, so dass wir ohne Polidori Immobiliare sicher unser Traumhaus nicht bekommen hätten!
Sie haben nicht nur Alles für uns vorbereitet und ermöglicht, sondern auch beruhigend auf uns eingewirkt, wenn wir dabei waren, die Nerven zu verlieren. Das geht weit über das, was man von einem Makler erwarten kann hinaus!
Wir können nicht anders: Wenn Sie kaufen oder mieten – keine Agentur kann Ihnen mehr bieten! Polidori Immobiliare!!!
Mit Dank und Vielen Grüssen, Helia und Otto Mecky, Collevecchio, settembre 2015.


Un grazie di cuore al titolare dell’agenzia, Sig. Claudio, e alla Sig.ra Juliane, la sua bravissima collaboratrice! Non pensavamo di vendere il nostro immobile così rapidamente… tutte le pratiche sono state seguite con serietà e professionalità; inoltre, massima flessibilità riguardo orari e giorni in cui prendere gli appuntamenti, oltreché simpatia e gentilezza!
Sicuramente Vi terremo presenti in futuro per un’altra compravendita e consiglieremo la “Polidori Immobiliare” a tutti in nostri conoscenti. Deborah e Manfredi, Torri in Sabina, ottobre 2015.


“Auf der Suche nach einem großem Grundstück mit Haus in Italien wurden wir auf das Maklerbüro Polidori Immobiliare aufmerksam, welches ansprechende Objekte in seinem Angebot führte.
Da wir kaum Italienisch sprechen, traten wir via E-Mail mit dem Büro in Kontakt. Bei anderen Maklern in Italien vergingen bis zum Eingang einer Antwort oft Tage oder sogar Wochen, hier wurde unsere Anfrage jedoch umgehend beantwortet.
Mit sehr großem Einfühlungsvermögen in unsere Wünsche und Vorstellungen zur Immobilie haben Herr Polidori und Frau Deppe für uns geeignete Objekte ausgewählt und sich sehr viel Zeit für die gemeinsame Besichtigung genommen.
Auch die weitere Betreuung war hervorragend. Auf Grund der Mehrsprachigkeit, unter anderem dem perfekten Deutsch von Frau Deppe, konnten unsere Fragen, insbesondere auch in rechtlichen und steuerliche Angelegenheiten, die bei einem Immobilienerwerb im Ausland sehr bedeutend sind, gut und verständlich beantwortet werden.
Das Büro verfügt weiterhin über die notwendigen Kontakte zu Technikbüros und ortsnahen Handwerkern, auf die man als Ausländer, Ortsfremder und der Landessprache nicht optimal Mächtiger, unbedingt angewiesen ist. Auch dies hat uns sehr viel Unsicherheit genommen.
Wir fühlten uns stets gut betreut und begleitet, waren ausgesprochen zufrieden und können Polidori Immobiliare absolut uneingeschränkt weiter empfehlen.”
Fam. Douglas (Germany), Juni 2015.


“Il primo merito va a quel bel sito di Polidori Immobiliare! E’ lì che ho visto le prime panoramiche del posto che è diventato casa mia. Fin dal primo contatto telefonico con il titolare dell’agenzia mi era parso chiaro che, volendo abitare in Sabina, avevo trovato l’intermediario giusto. Una persona che è di qui, che ama e conosce profondamente questi luoghi, che sa il proprio mestiere. Alla bella visita della casa è seguita una breve gita nei dintorni che, effettivamente, sono un’estensione naturale dell’abitazione e ne determinano il carattere. Che posti! E complimenti alla guida!
La gestione della compravendita è stata trasparente, efficiente, onesta e umana. Quel bel mix di perizia professionale e relazione fraterna che auguro a tutti di trovare mentre stanno scegliendo il posto in cui vivere.”
Alexandra Zolcinska, Vacone, Maggio 2015


“It is often said that buying a house in Italy can be quite challenging. For us, working with Polidori made the whole process very smooth. Claudio and Juliane showed us a wide range of houses clearly explaining the pros and cons of each, provided us with a good picture of the repairs that are needed, and helped us navigate the entire buying process. Even now that the house is ours, they are assisting us in many ways: getting utilities hooked up, obtaining permits for renovations,.. they are even guiding us in exploring the beautiful Sabina region that we can now call our home away from home! Throughout the whole process the team was easy-going, professional, and pro-active. We can recommend them without any reservation.”
David Neven and Kristin De Ridder (Belgium), Casperia, April 2015


“Caro Claudio, ti rispondo con consapevole ritardo, ma con sinceri auguri. Non ti ho mai ringraziato ( a parte il dovuto …) per la vendita del casale … mi ha cambiato la vita in meglio.
A presto”
Giovanni M Ripoli, Montasola/Roma.